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Humphrey Storm Doors

Precision machined to provide maximum strength

Concession Windows

Our concession windows are custom built to your needs and specifications.

Storm Doors

Humphrey Aluminum storm door is the heaviest in the industry.

Storm Windows

Save on heating and air conditioning costs as well as eliminating drafts.

How To Measure For Your Aluminum Storm Door

Storm Door Width

Facing the door opening from outside, measure width between inside of face board or brick molding at the top (A), middle (B), and bottom (C). Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Storm Door Height

Measure between the threshold and the bottom part of the top face board or brick molding, at left, right, and center of the opening (D). Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Determine the Hinge Side Of Your New Storm Door

Face the door from the outside. If hinge is on the right, order a right hand door. If hinge is on the left side, order a left hand door.

Humphrey storm doors in Ohio
Humphrey storm doors in Ohio

Tornado Proof Storm Doors?

Technically we cannot guarantee that our storm doors are tornado proof. However in the devastating Hesston, Kansas tornado in 2012 the manufacturer helped clean up the rubble caused in this destructive storm. In the rubble they found two of Humphrey's doors that were reinstalled in the new house after replacing the glass and screen. The kick panel and master frame were good as new, not bent or warped from the heavy winds.