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Custom Concession Windows

Food trailer with concession windows

Benefits for your food truck or trailer

Slider Glider System

The bottom of the concession window frame has a slotted nylon bar with high lubricity that rides on a sill rail. This translates into smooth and easy gliding with a long life. Life expectancy is estimated to be 750,000 cycles.

Third Track System

Allows for the screen panel to be opened along with the movable glass panel. With the added option to have self-closing insect screens to meet your health code requirements.

Talk Thru System

The top slider is a screen (talk thru) and the bottom is the service window. This option allows for added security, insect control with ventilation and no more back pain from bending to talk to your customers.

Marquee Signage

The awning on the 1300 series and 2300 series can be slit for marquee signs and specialized lighting.

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In-Stock Windows

We now stock some concession window layouts and sizes for immediate shipment.

In-Stock Concession Windows

Are your windows health code compliant?

All of our service windows come standard with 1/8” clear tempered glass, which is a safety glass, locks on all the windows, and includes self-storing insect screens for each service window. (All units can be ordered without insect screens.) Self-storing insect screens are NOT the same as self-closing insect screens. Self-storing screens are opened and closed manually. Self-closing insect screens are opened and held open manually, and then will close on their own once released. There is no latching system to hold the screen in the open position, which meets Health Department code requirements that call for “Self-closing Insect Screens”. A few of these layout options below can also be configured to meet Health Department code requirements that call for a “Maximum Size Open Area to Serve Through”.

Please Note:The Health Department’s requirements vary from one area to the next, be sure to check with your local Health Department on what they require from you before you place an order for a service window. We are here to help you build a window that will meet or exceed your Health Department’s requirements.

If you do not see the window that you want, contact us and we will be glad to work with you to build a custom window layout that fits your needs.

Serving Window Series

1000 Series
A Concession Serving Window Only

Can be mounted on the inside of the food truck or concession trailer wall, where an existing awning is already on the outside of the opening. (An aluminum tube frame may need to be mounted around the perimeter of the opening to make the wall thick enough so the awning door does not crash into the service window glass) Some suggested and popular layout options are shown below, but you are not limited to these. We specialize in custom food truck and concession trailer windows, and that is what we do best. Contact us today to help you design a unit that will best fit your needs.

1300 Series
A Pre-Hung Awning Only

It is a “ready to install” unit that typically takes 30 minutes or less to install, after the opening is prepared. Installation fasteners can be screws, pop rivets, or small bolts & nuts, depending on the truck or trailer’s wall structure. We recommend a sealant along the top and down both sides.

2300 Series
Best Value For Your Investment

These units are a combination of the 1000 series concession serving window and the 1300 series concession awning door. They include standard 1/8” clear tempered safety glass, locks on the windows, sliding insect screens, key locks on the awning, and gas springs on the awning. An all in one, “ready to install” unit that typically takes 30 minutes or less to install, after the opening is prepared. Installation fasteners can be screws, pop rivets, or small bolts & nuts, depending on the truck or trailer’s wall structure. We recommend a sealant along the top and down both sides.

Serving Window Layout Options


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Freight Options

To ship these concession serving windows, we have to build a crate to protect them from damage. No one wants the frustration of receiving an order, only to find broken glass when it is unpackaged. Therefore we use only a few select carriers and refuse others that have a history of damaged freight. Therefore we have been very successful in shipping these units to all over the USA as well as the Bahamas.

We ship via UPS ground when possible, which is very easy and simple, we can ship to almost any address that you want.

If the concession serving window is too large to go with UPS, then we need to ship via a common carrier (LTL). There are some choices that you have to make before we ship.

  1. If the ship-to-address is a place that already receives tractor-trailer rigs, and has a forklift and/ or loading docks to unload incoming freight, then we can easily ship to that address.
  2. If the ship-to address is residential (and that is the carrier's decision), most of the time we can still deliver to that address, if we ask to have it delivered with a smaller lift gate truck. There are additional fees for this service, which you are responsible for paying, and would be in addition to regular freight charges.
  3. You can go to the local shipping terminal and pick up your item 99% of the time at no charge. They will likely call you with delivery or pickup instructions, and discuss your options with them at that time.

LTL shipments are not cheap, but with the volume of shipments, and the leverage we use by checking with a few select carriers, we are able to receive very generous discounts, a savings that we pass on to you, the customer.

We will send you a shipped notice that includes a tracking number, as soon as your items leave our dock.

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