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Aluminum Storm Doors

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Long lasting and trouble free

Our diamond embossed .040 thick kick panel is the heaviest in the industry. Combined with our "locked in" technology make them virtually impossible to kick out. This makes these doors excellent for commercial applications. In areas where vandalism is prevalent, flimsy kick plates are quickly destroyed and intruders gain access to valuable assets and equipment.

Our extruded, heat treated corner gussets are precision machined to provide maximum strength, making a door that has been tested to hold up to 600 pounds while being opened, and continues to work without sagging. Two of three insulating doors sold today are used to replace doors that have failed.

Humphrey has been making doors, this strong for nearly a half century. J&R Aluminum has now bought the company and is manufacturing the same high quality, original standards that Humphrey used for more then fifty years. All channels, both roll-formed and extruded, are made of high quality, tempered "aviation grade" aluminum magnesium alloy. These products are designed to be both long lasting and trouble free. "Tension Sealed®" brand, compact series, doors remain constantly stable for 30-40 years of service.

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How To Measure For Your
Aluminum Storm Door

Storm Door Width
Facing the door opening from outside, measure width between inside of face board or brick molding at the top (A), middle (B), and bottom (C). Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Storm Door Height
Measure between the threshold and the bottom part of the top face board or brick molding, at left, right, and center of the opening (D). Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Determine the Hinge Side Of Your New Storm Door
Face the door from the outside. If hinge is on the right, order a right hand door. If hinge is on the left side, order a left hand door.

Measuring Guide

Storm Door Benefits

  • Be impervious to all weather
  • Retain their beauty for years & years.
  • Keep the value of your property high.
  • Keep out the winter cold and summer heat.
  • Keep out dust and dirt.
  • Help keep out street noise.
Available Door Colors

Aluminum Storm Door Styles

Mediterranean door with Leaded Glass Panels

Mediterranean door with Leaded Glass Panels

Panorama Glass Panel door

Panorama Fixed Lite or Interchangeable Glass & Screen Panels


Panorama Kick Panel storm door

Panorama 9” Kick Panel with Fixed Lite or Interchangeable Glass & Screen Panels


Fixed Self Storing storm doors

Fixed Lite / Self Storing

Glass Panel Light Self Storing Storm Door

Double Fixed Lite Top has interchangeable Glass & Screen Panels


Self Storing Equal Lite 18” Kick Panel storm doors

Self Storing Equal Lite 18” Kick Panel

Self Storing Twin Vent storm doors

Twin Vent / Self Storing

Self Storing Equal Lite 36” Kick Panel Door

Self Storing Equal Lite 36” Kick Panel


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