Storm Windows

Why Should You Be Considering Insulating Storm Windows?

Energy Efficiency

J & R Aluminum Storm Windows allow you to save on heating and air conditioning costs as well as eliminating drafts for better health environment.

The Beauty Of It All

Don't forget to take into consideration that J & R Aluminum insulating storm windows and doors offer attractive bonuses too.

Intrinsic Value

Your home has an added level of home security and protection from extreme weather.

Aesthetic Value

Your home's curb appeal is enhanced as well as it's property value.

Flexible Installation Options.

J & R Aluminum storm windows give you the choice of interior or exterior mount.

Super Satin 2K Urethane Paint

Choose from 13 standard colors, or any custom color you desire, from a paint that has been formulated to withstand the harsh coastal environments, and is used in the aluminum boat industry, for a virtually maintenance free finish.

Smooth Operating Top Channel

A wool weather-strip is locked into an aluminum channel that maintains a weather-tight seal at the header.

Patented Tension Sealed™ Glass Channel

Permits direct metal to glass glazing. Glass is under constant tension - no glazing compound, plastic or rubber to deteriorate, creating a positive seal.

Vinyl Lined Slide Tracks

Provides easy raising and lowering operation with resistance to weathering. Promotes long life and eliminates the need of lubricants for smooth operation.

Meeting Rail Weather Strip

100% Dacron wool felt weather stripping on the meeting rail completes the weather-tight sealing design of all J & R Aluminum insulating windows.

Floating Glass Panel

Floating glass panels, supported by stainless steel springs, provides an excellent seal regardless of window frame movement or building settling. Virtually eliminates drafts, condensation and dust infiltration.

Durable Screen Frame

A durable aluminum screen mesh is held securely in place with an aluminum spline. No plastic or rubber to deteriorate.

Frame Options

All Window Master Frames Are 1-3/16" wide X 7/8" tall, (plus fin)
Can Be Used for Double Hung, Horizontal Slider, or Fixed Lite Windows

#0250 Window Master Frame

0250 Window Master Frame
  • For Storm Window, or Primary Window @ Garage or Outbuilding
  • For Blind Stop, Casing Overlap, (3 Side) or Casing Overlap (4 Side)
  • Use either 1/4” or 3/4” Offset to Outside
  • 7/8” Fin Has Build-In Caulking Channel and In-line Nail / Screw Guide Channel


#0280 Window Master Frame

0280 Window Master Frame
  • Fin Less Application: No Visible Attachment Fin, or Unsightly Attachment Screws / Nails
  • Optional Interior / Exterior Mounting Capabilities
  • Low Profile Frame That Virtually “Melts Away” on Historical Building Restoration Projects, That Want The “Original Casing Profile” to be Preserved


#0284 Window Master Frame

0284 Window Master Frame
  • EXTRA WIDE Flat Profile 1-1/4” Attachment Fin
  • Use With OFF Square Openings Fin Covers up to 2-1/2” Variables
  • Casing Overlap or Blind Stop Applications


#0282 Window Master Frame

0282 Window Master Frame
  • Hide the Fin – 1/2” Attachment Fin Faces One Way
  • Optional Choice of Fin Direction – Interior or Exterior
  • Optional Interior or Exterior Mounting Capabilities


#0285 Window Master Frame

0285 Window Master Frame
  • Optional Interior or Exterior Application via Flat Profile Frame
  • Casing Overlap or Blind Stop Applications
  • 3/4” Flat Profile Attachment Fin


#0678 Door Master Frame

0678 Door Master Frame
  • For All Storm Doors or Large Enclosures


#0680 Cross-Rail & Window Mullion

0680 Cross-Rail & Window Mullion
  • Horizontal and Vertical Mullion
  • Mates with Itself and All Master Frames


#0290 Extruded Glass Stop

0290 Extruded Glass Stop
  • Mates with All Master Frames
  • For Fixed Lite in Windows
  • For Interchangeable Glass and Screen Panels in Doors


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